Breast Cancer Prevention

One of the risk factors for breast cancer is heredity. If you have a family member who has breast cancer, then your risk of developing this disease is also greater. Moreover, if the person who is suffering from cancer is a first-degree family member such as a mother, sister, or daughter, then your risk also becomes greater. Therefore, it is important to know the best ways of breast cancer prevention.

Best Breast Cancer Prevention - 8 Tips to Reduce the Risk

One theory is that if you have a first-degree family member who has breast cancer, your risk of developing breast cancer will double. Meanwhile, if you have two first-degree family members who suffer from cancer, then your cancer risk will increase to five times.

Best Breast Cancer Prevention

If you have a high risk to get this disease, do not be discouraged first because the risk factors are not only hereditary but can also be from the environment. You really cannot control the risk factors of heredity, but you might be able to control the risk factors of the environment.

For this reason, it is important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle in an effort to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Here are 8 tips of breast cancer prevention if you have children.

1. Keep Your Body Weight in Normal Range

Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of breast cancer. The fat that accumulates in the body, especially in the stomach can produce more estrogen that can increase the risk.

In addition, being overweight is also associated with other types of cancer such as prostate, lung, intestinal, and kidney cancers. So, if you are overweight, starting now try to lose your weight. Losing weight can be done by changing your eating habits and doing regular exercise.

2. Limit Consumption of Alcohol and Processed Meat

The second breast cancer prevention is by eating nutritious foods. Try to eat vegetables and fruits every day, at least 5 servings. Choose foods that contain less fat and calories to avoid you from obesity.

In addition, you also need to limit consumption of processed meat. A report from the WHO cancer agency states that consumption of processed meat in large quantities can increase the risk of certain types of cancer. If you like to drink alcohol, you should limit or even stop the habit from now on.

Best Breast Cancer Prevention - 8 Tips to Reduce the Risk

3. Increase Physical Activity and Exercise for 30 Minutes a Day

Doing regular exercise can also reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer. When many fat cells accumulate in the body, additional estrogen will be produced. Breast cancer cells that are exposed to estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer.

You are advised to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day and to be active every day. Reduce sedentary activities such as sitting, sleeping, watching television, playing computer games, and others.

4. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is associated with various types of cancer such as lung, mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, bladder, breast, cervix, and kidney cancer. In fact, if you are not a smoker, you are also still at risk of getting lung cancer from exposure to cigarette smoke.

Therefore, if you are a smoker, then stop smoking from now on. And if you are not a smoker, then stay away from cigarette smoke. By avoiding smoking, not only the risk of cancer that you avoid, but you also avoid the risk of heart disease and stroke.

5. Breastfeeding

If you have just given birth, try to give your baby exclusive breastfeeding. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition, breastfeeding is also very beneficial for your baby’s health.

Best Breast Cancer Prevention - 8 Tips to Reduce the Risk

6. Avoid Birth Control Pills

The use of birth control pills, especially if you are over 35 years old can increase your risk of developing breast cancer. This risk will disappear when you stop using birth control pills. If you have breast cancer offspring, you should choose another contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

7. Do a Health Check

To find out how much your cancer risk, it is better for you to see a doctor. Your doctor then will see how much you at risk, the person who will have it and at what age. You may need to do several tests, such as a mammogram. Women aged 40 or over must have a mammogram screening every year.

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8. Hormonal Therapy Drugs

The last breast cancer prevention is by hormonal therapy drugs. For those of you who have very strong offspring of breast cancer, the use of hormonal therapy drugs can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

There are four hormonal therapy drugs that have been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer positive receptor hormones, namely tamoxifen, Evista, Aromasin, and Arimidex.