Foods to Avoid when Pregnant

Pregnant women certainly want to give their best to their baby. One of the most important things is the daily food selection. Good nutrition will help your child grow healthy and smart since in the womb. On the other hand, there are some foods to avoid when pregnant because can endanger the baby’s life.

12 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant - Cause Miscarriage

12 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant

The list of foods to avoid when pregnant below has been proven to endanger the unborn child. Even, from some of these prohibited foods can cause poisoning in pregnant women and interfere with fetal brain development. The following are 12 foods to avoid when pregnant that can endanger the baby’s life.

Fish that Contain High Mercury

The FDA as the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in the United States classifies several types of seafood as foods to avoid when pregnant because contain high mercury. In fact, almost all fish and aquatic animals contain mercury. However, there are some fish that have the highest level.

High-mercury fish species that are prohibited for pregnant women are sharks, king mackerel, bigeye tuna, swordfish, and yellowfish tuna. High mercury content can cause interference with the baby’s brain development.

Fish that Contain High Mercury


For those of you who fans of sushi and sashimi, it is better to stop eating these Japanese special foods during pregnancy. Sushi and sashimi are prohibited for pregnant women.

This is because raw or undercooked seafood can harm the fetus. Sometimes, there are still parasitic worms in the flesh, especially, if the place and the preparation process are not sterile. Therefore, it is best to avoid raw fish and shellfish.

Steak Medium Rare

In terms of culinary, delicious steak is cooked medium-rare. However, pregnant women must avoid it. Undercooked meat is likely to still contain the toxoplasmosis parasite that dangerous for the fetus.

Not only beef, undercooked pork, and poultry are also prohibited. You need to cook the meat until it is perfectly cooked or well done and no red liquid. If necessary, use a cooking thermometer to ensure the level of meat maturity.

Half Boiled Egg

Half boiled egg usually still contain active Salmonella bacteria that can infect you. Salmonella infection can cause vomiting and diarrhea. There are also reports about salmonella bacteria case which causes amniotic fluid infections.

This infection is rare but can be serious and cause miscarriage. Salmonella can penetrate the placenta and infect the fetus, but this case is also very rare. To be safe, avoid eating half-cooked eggs, foods containing raw eggs, and self-made mayonnaise.

12 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant - Endanger Baby's Life

Unpasteurized Milk

Milk is a healthy drink. Pregnant women need to drink milk to fill the daily needs of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. However, unpasteurized milk includes one of the foods to avoid when pregnant.

Unpasteurized milk can cause poisoning because there might still be bacteria in it. It is better to avoid drinking unpasteurized raw milk whether raw cow’s milk or goat’s milk. Healthy milk for pregnant women to consume is pasteurized milk that has gone through a heating process.

Raw or Unpasteurized Fruit Juice

In the raw or unpasteurized fruit juice, there is a possibility still contains harmful E.coli and salmonella bacteria. If you want to drink juice, you should make it yourself at home. So, you can ensure the sterility and the freshness of the fruit.

Do not forget to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with a special cleanser. Then, rinse with clean water or drinking water and get rid of the parts of the vegetable or fruit that are already black or brownish.

Animal Heart

According to Pregnancy Baby, innards such as chicken liver or beef liver also includes foods to avoid when pregnant because contain high vitamin A. Vitamin A is good, but excessive consumption of vitamin A can harm the fetus. It is better to limit the consumption of animal livers during pregnancy.

Animal Heart


If pregnant women consume excessive caffeine, it can penetrate the placenta and cause interference with the baby’s heartbeat. Some research also shows that high consumption of caffeine during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, and stillbirth babies. It is better that you limit the consumption of drinks and foods that contain caffeine such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and energy drinks.


Pregnant women who drink alcohol have a higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Drink just a little alcohol can even have an impact on the disruption of the baby’s brain development.

Although not food, alcohol is prohibited for pregnant women because can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a syndrome that can cause facial deformities, heart disorders, and mental retardation of children since in the womb.

Vitamin Supplements and Fish Oil

Besides foods, there are some vitamins that are forbidden for pregnant women if consuming too much. It is better to stop using supplements, vitamins, and fish oil that contain vitamin A when pregnant. Too much vitamin A intake can harm the fetus.

12 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant - Endanger Baby's Life


Herbal food or drinks are prohibited for pregnant women and should be avoided. According to American Pregnancy, pregnant women cannot consume certain herbs like ephedra or ephedrine, Dong Quai, rosemary, to galingale.

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These herbs can have a bad impact if consumed in large quantities. Dong Quai, for example, can have a stimulatory effect on the uterus and cause contractions. In addition, according to research in America, other herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, ginseng, dandelion tea, and chamomile tea are also prohibited. It is recommended to drink tea from ordinary tea leaves instead of having to consume herbal tea.

Fast Food

Fast food such as burgers, french fries, and fried chicken are prohibited for pregnant women. This is because fast food foods contain trans fats which can increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, large fetal size (macrosomia), and preterm labor.