Junk Food

Various things are given and done by parents so that children can grow and develop properly. Therefore, meeting the nutritional needs and paying attention to the food that children consume is very important. Even one study stated that food can affect the behavior and habits of children, moreover if you often give your children unhealthy foods, such as foods that are high in sugar and various kinds of junk food.

Junk Food - 5 Harmful Effects on Children's Health

5 Harmful Effects of Junk Food

If you often give them junk food, there are certain effects on children’s health. The following are 5 harmful effects of junk food on children’s health and behavior.

1. Can Affect Children’s Mental Health

Junk food is a type of food that does not have a high nutritional value. If you often eat fast food, you can experience various risks of degenerative diseases. Although many people agree that almost all fast food has a good taste and is liked by various groups, do you know what the effect of consuming junk food on your child? It turns out that junk food can make your child’s mental and emotional health disturbed.

This statement arises from several research results that have shown that junk food indeed affects mental health. One of the researches was a study conducted by Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. In that study, it was found that pregnant women who used to eat unhealthy foods tend to have children who experience mental and emotional disorders.

2. Can Affect Children’s Behavior

Sweet foods are often blamed and are thought to affect a child’s behavior. But, are you aware that there are still many other food additives that can actually be more dangerous for children’s mental health? Artificial coloring and preservatives used in food can actually affect a child’s behavior.

A study conducted in 2009 published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that foods containing saturated fat, Trans fat, or sodium can also influence and change a child’s behavior.

3. Triggers Addictive Behavior or Addicted

When you give your children sweet, fatty, and salty foods, there is a chance that they will ask for it later on. If this keeps happening, there is a possibility that your child is addicted to junk food. The fact is simple carbohydrates such as sugar can associate with brain stimulation to produce a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

Junk Food - 5 Harmful Effects on Children's Health

The results of research conducted in 2013 showed that children who eat fast food really enjoy the taste, texture, and feelings that arise when they eat these foods. The feeling that arises is a pleasant feeling. So do not be surprised if almost all children like sweet foods and fast food, because these foods make them addicted.

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4. Makes Children Hyperactive

Many people think that sweet food is one of the reasons why a child cannot control his behavior. Sugary foods can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. This increase in blood sugar levels will cause the children to become unable to concentrate properly and lack focus.

5. Makes C0hildren More Aggressive

A study has found that there is a relationship between what children eat can affect the aggressive nature in him. In this study, it was said that children who consumed 5 or more cans of soda a day had 9 to 15 percent higher to be aggressive when compared to their peers who did not consume that much soda. In this case, soft drinks are thought to cause changes in chemicals in the brain and hormones that regulate the behavior and mindset of children.